Sentence Examples

  • Because of the rise of credit card skimming machines as well as other kinds of credit card fraud, many stores are installing their credit card readers next to the customer at a check out line, so the customer is the one who swipes the card.
  • He ran over to the Troop Leader and, sobbing uncontrollably, described how the bear wanted the peanut butter chocolate so bad that he'd torn the jeans right off of Jake's legs with two swipes of his razor sharp claws.
  • You present the card, the clerk swipes it, and as long as you have the available funds the purchase is approved and you sign the receipt.
  • Credit card fraud can happen when a person swipes a credit card as confirmation of ID when printing out his or her own boarding passes.
  • The cheeks are sheer in a wash of color, as are the lips, and the eyes are naked save for several swipes of mascara.