Sentence Examples

  • P. Woodward, a model of clear systematic exposition, and the exhaustive treatise on the Malacozoa or Weichthiere by Professor Keferstein of Gottingen, published as part of Bronn's Klassen and Ordnungen des Thier-Reichs.
  • P. 85; Schmolders, Documenta philosophiae Arabum (Bonn, 1836), and Essai sur les ecoles philosophiques chez les Arabes (Paris, 1842); Shahrastani, History of Religious and Philosophical Sects, in German translation by Haarbri cker (Halle, 1850-1851); Dieterici, Streit zwischen Mensch and Thier (Berlin, 1858), and his other translations of the Encyclopaedia of the Brothers of Sincerity (1861 to 1872); T.
  • Gadow (Bronn's Thier-Reich, A y es, 1893).
  • GENERAL WORKS ON HYDROZOA.-C. Chun, "Coelenterata (Hohlthiere)," Bronn's Klassen and Ordnungen des Thier-Reichs ii.

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