Sentence Examples

  • The ancient Greeks symbolized it as a man walking, with his right hand grasping a club, and his left extending upwards and holding the leash of two dogs, which are apparently barking at the Great Bear.
  • This quenching of the light of the world is symbolized at the service of Tenebrae in Holy Week by the placing on a stand before the altar of thirteen lighted tapers arranged pyramidally, the rest of the church being in darkness.
  • This relation-number is the ordinal number corresponding to n; let it be symbolized by it.
  • The sum of the n th powers of the quantities, is expressible in terms of functions which are symbolized by separations of any partition (n"1n'2n'3...) 1 !
  • The law of reciprocity shows that p(s) = zti (m 1te2tmtL3t) t=1 st It 2t 3t viz.: a linear function of symmetric functions symbolized by the k specifications; and that () St =ti ts.