Sentence Examples

  • Because Sisko is regularly contacted by these aliens, he is unwillingly given the title of Emissary, a religious figurehead position he uncomfortably accepts.As the seasons progress, more information about the gamma quadrant is learned.
  • These include the austenitic or gamma non-magnetic manganese steel, already patented b y Robert Hadfield in 1883, the first important known substance which combined great malleableness with great hardness, and the martensitic or beta " high speed tool steel " of White and Taylor, which retains its hardness and cutting power even at a red heat.
  • C The third letter in the Latin alphabet and its descendants corresponds in position and in origin to the Greek Gamma (P, y), which in its turn is borrowed from the third symbol of the Phoenician alphabet (Heb.
  • Gamma (1661, on the same story as Tennyson's Cup) especially deserves notice.
  • Legendre's researches connected with the " gamma function " are of importance, and are well known; the subject was also treated by K.