Sentence Examples

  • The mutual love of these two, proceeding from the relation they hold to one another, symbolizes the Holy Spirit.
  • In Philo the wild pigeon symbolizes the holy spirit.
  • Eabani, whose name, signifying "Ea creates," points to the tradition which made Ea the creator of humanity, symbolizes primeval man.
  • The delights of love are made to stand for the raptures of union with the divine, the tavern symbolizes an oratory, and intoxication is the bewilderment of sense before the surpassing vision.
  • There can be no doubt that Eabani, who symbolizes primeval man, was a figure originally entirely independent of Gilgamesh, but his story was incorporated into the epic by that natural process to be observed in the national epics of other peoples, which tends to connect the favourite hero with all kinds of tales that for one reason or the other become embedded in the popular mind.