Sentence Examples

  • Symbiotic association with other animals, in varying degrees of interdependence, is frequent.
  • Their cells during the period of incubation of the symbiotic organism are abundantly supplied with starch.
  • These are: (I) That the green plant is so stimulated by the symbiotic association which leads to the hypertrophy, that it is able to fix the nitrogen or cause it to enter into combination.
  • The lichen algae are not alone in their specializa tion to the symbiotic (or parasitic) mode of life, for, as stated earlier, the fungus appear in the majority of cases to have completely lost the power of independent development since with very rare exceptions they are not found alone.
  • It is very probable that numerous symbiotic fermentations in the soil are due to this co-operation of oxygen-protecting species with anaerobic ones, e.g.