Sentence Examples

  • Not only did the movie bring Spiderman face-to-face with two major villains, the plot also turned Peter Parker against himself as he struggled with the dark side inflicted upon him by the crash landing of an alien symbiote.
  • Venomized Spiderman: The symbiote known as Venom became an integral part of the Spiderman universe and this also introduced the much loved black and white spidey costume.
  • A Watcher suffers not only from the presence of the symbiote in his body but also from the psychic "glow" emnating from particularly psychic women.
  • An attack on Jeanne provided the impetus for Gideon to make a "bargain" with a semisentient psychic symbiote, a tanak.
  • The black symbiote also attached itself to Peter Parker, creating a "black suit" version of the Spider-Man character.

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