220+ Informative Speech Topics: Fresh Ideas for a Winning Speech

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Updated March 31, 2021
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The primary objective of an informative speech is to educate the audience on a particular subject. This type of speech is about presenting the information in a way that is easily understood and captivates the interest of your listeners. Your goal is not to persuade or influence the audience, but simply to impart useful information. Get started by reviewing this extensive list of informative speech topics.

The subject of sports lends itself well to informative speeches. From sharing interesting sports statistics to providing biographical information about famous athletes or even giving tips for playing, there are a lot of ways to inform an audience about sports.

  • mechanics of a perfect spiral pass
  • what it takes to hit a home run
  • putting together a perfect golf swing
  • the legacy of basketball great Kobe Bryant
  • highlights of Drew Brees' football career
  • greatest hockey players of all time
  • most impressive baseball records in history
  • how the college football playoff system works
  • how to train for a marathon
  • history of the Tour de France
  • the world of competitive beach volleyball
  • why football players often take ballet classes
  • why fights often break out in hockey
  • most common sports injuries
  • lessons kids learn from team sports
  • how salary caps work in professional sports
  • how professional sports players are drafted
  • highest salaries in professional sports
  • how to qualify for the Olympics
  • how the X Games got started

Informative Science and Nature Topics

The natural world is an amazing place with many stories to tell. Captivate your audience with a speech on one of these topics related to science and nature.

  • how selective breeding turned the wolf into a teacup poodle
  • how geothermal heating works
  • overview of recent catastrophic weather events
  • factors that cause hurricanes to form
  • overview of the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale
  • overview of the Enhanced Fujita (EF) scale for rating tornado intensity
  • how smallpox was eradicated
  • what's involved in making water safe to drink
  • the process of converting tar sands into fuel for your car
  • pros and cons of electric cars
  • five lesser-known symbiotic relationships in nature
  • how solar panels work
  • how wind energy is harnessed and used
  • where your garbage actually goes
  • how plastic is recycled
  • how a magnet can damage a computer's hard drive
  • biggest contributing factors to climate change
  • overview of organic gardening practices
  • genetically modified organisms (GMOs) you eat every day
  • how a nuclear reactor generates electricity
  • why Mars isn't considered a habitable planet
  • how to protect yourself against infection

Informative Topics About Modern History

Some of the best informative speech topics provide an interesting perspective on historical events. For your next informative speech, consider putting the modern world into context by exploring its history.

  • contributing factors to the Syrian migrant crisis
  • overview of the Paris Climate Accord
  • goals of the Iran nuclear agreement
  • pandemics of the 21st century
  • impact of social media on personal relationships
  • voting rights and voter suppression
  • the history of daily print newspapers
  • air travel security changes after 9/11
  • how the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) came to be
  • the history of apartheid in South Africa
  • how Nelson Mandela changed the world
  • what happened to the former Soviet Union
  • the significance of the fall of the Berlin Wall
  • Mao Zedong and the rise of Communist China
  • how parliament gained increasing power in the UK
  • the history of labor unions in the United States
  • what it took to build and expand the Panama Canal
  • the function and role of the United Nations
  • overview of the Geneva Convention
  • the lasting legacy of Mahatma Gandhi
  • why the Cuban Missile Crisis happened in the first place

Informative Speeches on Arts and Entertainment

While you may feel inclined to gravitate toward topics that are more traditional or academic in nature, it may be much more engaging to discuss some fun informative speech topics from the worlds of arts and entertainment.

  • the history of reality television
  • YouTubers who make over $1 million a year
  • the best free TV apps
  • how to start and promote your own podcast
  • top careers in arts and entertainment
  • how streaming players revolutionized television
  • the rise of massive multiplayer online role (MMORPG) games
  • the impact of Bollywood on the entertainment industry
  • how Netflix reinvented itself and changed the world
  • the history of cable television
  • the requirements to be nominated for an Oscar
  • the impact of autotune on modern music
  • modern painters you should know
  • strategies for making the most of a museum visit
  • the most valuable art in the world
  • how streaming media reduced pirating
  • photography fundamentals in a digital world
  • the steps to joining the Screen Actors Guild
  • pros and cons of satellite radio vs. streaming audio
  • how to convert a book to a screenplay

Cultural Topics for Informative Speeches

People are often interested in learning about other cultures, so cultural topics can be a great option for informative speeches. Share information about your own cultural background or another culture in which you are particularly interested.

  • the culture of royal etiquette
  • cultural shifts in developing countries
  • family values, beliefs and culture in Haiti
  • the impact of generational differences on culture
  • key aspects of Vietnamese family culture
  • overview of family culture in Mexico
  • overview of Irish family culture and traditions
  • key customs of French culture
  • ways immigrants can maintain their home country culture
  • cultures in which arranged marriages are common
  • Japanese cultural dress beyond the kimono
  • the complex cultural history of Taiwan
  • cultural traditions unique to Hawaii
  • the significance of the haka to the Maori people of New Zealand
  • overview of the conflict between Hong Kong and mainland china
  • the unique traditions and cultures of Quebec
  • the cultural and religious significance of wearing a hijab
  • characteristics of matriarchal cultures
  • the culture of generational poverty
  • differing cultural beliefs and practices related to death and dying

Fascinating Facts About Different Countries

Just as audiences are often interested in learning about different cultures, they can also be captivated by information on different countries. Enlighten your listeners with a speech that will transport them to faraway lands.

  • why rotten shark is considered a delicacy in Iceland
  • fun facts about the Brazilian rainforest
  • countries where the most languages are spoken
  • examples of countries that have monarchies
  • countries where napping during the workday is common
  • countries that are completely surrounded by another country
  • five amazing churches in Italy
  • order of succession in the British royal family
  • the Newfoundland Screech ceremony
  • the history of Carnival in Brazil
  • key reasons Singapore is considered a financial capital
  • why Portuguese is Brazil's official language
  • understanding the embargo on Cuba
  • the traditions of the Xhosa people of South Africa
  • why Bermuda is considered the world's shipwreck capital
  • how and why camels came to Australia
  • why Canada's flag has a maple leaf on it
  • how Paris became the fashion capital of the world
  • top five countries in terms of population size
  • how the story of Scotland's Loch Ness Monster got started

Food-Focused Informative Speech Topics

Food is another topic likely to fascinate an audience. Everyone needs to eat and most people quite enjoy it. Share some interesting facts about the cuisines of the world.

  • the many uses of chickpeas in Mediterranean cuisine
  • best non-meat protein sources
  • whole grains commonly used in cooking
  • recipe substitutions to make gluten-free baked goods
  • key reasons to opt for locally-sourced food
  • making sense of carbohydrates: complex vs. simple
  • how to create a sourdough starter
  • cost of cooking at home vs. eating out
  • techniques for at-home food preservation
  • overview of the rules of kosher eating
  • the origin of Tex-Mex cuisine
  • the story of chicken tikka masala
  • ingredients in Chinese five-spice seasoning
  • the origin story of the sandwich
  • foods that are primarily eaten raw
  • ways to reduce salt in your diet
  • the history of coffee in the United States
  • how to crack a coconut
  • how to make your own nut butter at home
  • how to peel an avocado

Personal Finance Speech Topic Ideas

Everyone can benefit from learning about personal finance. Provide your audience with practical information about key financial concepts that your audience will use in the real world.

  • how a Roth IRA works
  • the simple math of compound interest
  • leasing vs. financing a new vehicle
  • comparing the cost of living in major cities
  • ways to avoid paying banking fees
  • how a stagnant checking account costs you money
  • how to save big bucks with coupons
  • the complex relationship of foreign currency exchange
  • cryptocurrency as an investment
  • the process for filing personal bankruptcy
  • how to invest with very little money
  • do's and don'ts of day trading
  • the dangers of credit card debt
  • making sense of debt consolidation options
  • understanding how student loans work
  • how to qualify for a mortgage loan
  • pros and cons of owning your own home
  • painless ways to build a savings account
  • the importance of insurance to financial security
  • how to build and follow a basic budget
  • how to search for college scholarships

Informative Speeches About Schools and Education

Particularly if you're delivering an informative speech in the classroom, it makes a lot of sense to talk about a topic related to your education.

  • how virtual education differs from in-class learning
  • why the arts got added to STEM to become STEAM
  • how charter schools get their funding
  • the role of socioeconomic status in academic performance
  • pros and cons of community college vs. a four-year college or university
  • how teacher performance is evaluated
  • making sense of how teachers are paid
  • a brief history of Common Core
  • what to expect when taking the SAT
  • the advantages of learning a second or third language in school
  • how the Montessori method differs from other approaches
  • practical high school courses worth taking
  • how a guidance counselor can help with career planning
  • places where college is free
  • writing a winning college application essay
  • whether college athletes should be paid
  • how high school prepares you for adulthood
  • the impact of peer pressure on high school students
  • ways schools can be made safer for students and teachers
  • how kindergarten can prepare students for success

Fun and Easy Informative Speech Topics

Choose a topic that you're familiar with and that can easily be explained to others when you're looking for a fun and easy informative speech topic. Think about your hobbies or other activities that you are passionate about when searching for this type of topic.

  • how to collect comic books
  • how to plan a day at an amusement park
  • what high school will be like: an overview for middle schoolers
  • what not to list on your LinkedIn profile
  • creative ways to walk 10,000 steps per day
  • how to irritate your roommate without even trying
  • how to organize your school locker
  • babysitting tips for baby brothers and sisters
  • how to plan your school wardrobe for a week
  • ways to repurpose old toys in fun projects
  • how to host the perfect slumber party
  • how to make your own creative popsicles
  • places to donate children's books that you've outgrown
  • how to make your own memes
  • creating the perfect social media avatar
  • how to be a terrific friend
  • creative ways to top cupcakes
  • thoughtful gift ideas for your parents
  • how to get ready for the first day of a new school year
  • how to season a cast iron pan

Funny Informative Speech Topics

Humor can also be a good approach when selecting an informative speech topic. Keep in mind, though, that not everyone finds the same things to be funny. Make sure that your fun topic won't be viewed by your audience as "making fun" of anyone before choosing one of these options. It's also a good idea to check with your teacher ahead of time to verify that a tongue-in-cheek tone is okay.

  • how to explain "new math" to your parents
  • explain a day in the life of Thomas the Tank Engine
  • what Dr. Seuss would say about your favorite holiday
  • share and explain a selection of funny food puns
  • how the story would differ if the Big Bad Wolf was the hero of Little Red Riding Hood
  • life lessons learned from Dungeons and Dragons
  • life lessons learned from kiddie cartoons
  • why I am the most unlucky person in the world
  • why I'll never ride a roller coaster again
  • great ways to be the life of the party
  • pulling off the perfect (harmless!) prank
  • how to get out of doing chores
  • how to pass notes in class without getting caught
  • how to blame your dog (or cat) for everything
  • ways life would be different if you were an anime character
  • how to get sunburned
  • what not to wear to the beach
  • how to get gum out of your hair
  • that time the joke was on me
  • how I managed to not get hired

Speeches to Inform, Entertain and Engage

It's important to remember that while the main goal of a great informative speech is to relay useful information, you also need to engage with your audience in a positive way. It doesn't need to be dry and boring. Indeed, if you pick the right topic, you might have them sitting on the edge of their seats, fascinated and interested in learning more. For another take on a different type of speech, get tips for writing an effective welcome speech.