Sentence Examples

  • Everybody stores old baby things.
  • And stores were concentrated at Woolwich, and in 1695 the laboratory was moved hither from Greenwich.
  • The former Royal Dockyard was made over to the War Office in 1872 and converted into stores, wharves for the loading of troopships, &c. The Royal Artillery Barracks, facing Woolwich Common, originally erected in 1775, has been greatly extended at different times, and consists of six ranges of Brick building, including a church in the Italian Gothic style erected in 1863, a theatre, and a library in connexion with the officers' mess-room.
  • The development of this undertaking necessitated the establishment of stores and workshops at Stanley, and ships can be repaired and provided in every way; a matter of importance since not a few vessels, after suffering injury during heavy weather off Cape Horn, call on the Falklands in distress.
  • Additionally, of the energy the plant absorbs, it only stores one tenth of it in the potato or bean or whatever part we eat.