Sentence Examples

  • The union supporters will boycott the supermarket.
  • Then I called my friend Bob and we talked about how we played video games all day and then we went out to a small bar right down the street from the old supermarket but we didn't have a good time."
  • Cook side dishes before your trip, or visit the deli section of your favorite supermarket or deli to stock up on prepared selections, being certain that you will have the ability to properly refrigerate your choices during your trip.
  • By learning line dancing instructions from a video, whether online at a site like or a video bought in the local supermarket, people can get a better grasp of the timing and technique involved.
  • If you've ever scoured the hair color aisle in any major supermarket or beauty supply store, you've most likely seen a swatch guide filled with confusing numbers and alluring names to define a color formula.