Sentence Examples

  • The union supporters will boycott the supermarket.
  • If you've ever scoured the hair color aisle in any major supermarket or beauty supply store, you've most likely seen a swatch guide filled with confusing numbers and alluring names to define a color formula.
  • Then I called my friend Bob and we talked about how we played video games all day and then we went out to a small bar right down the street from the old supermarket but we didn't have a good time."
  • By learning line dancing instructions from a video, whether online at a site like or a video bought in the local supermarket, people can get a better grasp of the timing and technique involved.
  • Whether you buy a card at the supermarket or spend hours crafting a multi-layered masterpiece, you can also add a baby poem you wrote yourself, a favorite baby quotation, or a picture to your card for personalization purposes.