Sentence Examples

  • The union supporters will boycott the supermarket.
  • Just as someone can buy an inexpensive watch at the supermarket if all they want is to know the time, but another person will pay a premium for a handsome watch with superior craftsmanship, there is a wide range in the price of winders.
  • Cook side dishes before your trip, or visit the deli section of your favorite supermarket or deli to stock up on prepared selections, being certain that you will have the ability to properly refrigerate your choices during your trip.
  • Whether you buy a card at the supermarket or spend hours crafting a multi-layered masterpiece, you can also add a baby poem you wrote yourself, a favorite baby quotation, or a picture to your card for personalization purposes.
  • By learning line dancing instructions from a video, whether online at a site like or a video bought in the local supermarket, people can get a better grasp of the timing and technique involved.