Sentence Examples

  • The model asks potential business opportunists to picture themselves standing in aisle 18 waiting to check out when another shopper approaches and says something along the lines of, "You must not know the secret of aisle 19.
  • A smart shopper would buy children's clothes in sizes too big and store them until the next season came around, at which point the child should have grown into it and could wear the coat through the season in comfort.
  • You probably know that being a smart shopper, no matter what the product, requires comparing prices and product benefits, and making hearing aid comparisons is particularly important because a hearing aid is such an important purchase.
  • The ideal focus was to allow the typical eyewear shopper to have multiple styles and options available at their fingertips, without being confined to the fewer styles which are typically carried in traditional walk-in optical stores.
  • This way, a West Coast shopper can engage in many activities from beach volleyball to jet skiing; meanwhile East Coasters can engage in other popular summer past times like lounging pool side or going summer night party hopping.