Sentence Examples

  • Gallon lotions (128 ounces) are also available for just $55.You can buy the lotions at the Kiss My Face website, from many natural health and vitamin stores, such as The Vitamin Shoppe, many drugstores, and some department stores.
  • In addition to Vitamin Shoppe and BodyTech, the company also offers Vitamin Shoppe Body Care, offering primarily skin and hair care products, and Vitamin Shoppe Organics, vitamins and food products made with organic raw materials.
  • Vitamin Shoppe was founded 1977 by Jeffrey Horowitz, and has since grown from a single store in Manhattan to over 350 across some 30 states in America today, focusing primarily on the coastal areas of continental United States.
  • Nutritional stores like Vitamin Shoppe, and GNC specialize in nutritional herbs, and many times the sales people are more knowledgeable about the use of herbs than sales people in a grocery store.
  • Vitamin Shoppe operates not one but two web storefronts., which is the main site, and for their secondary store brand line of products called BodyTech.

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