Sentence Examples

  • That would take some research by Fred and his stalwarts, if Dean could figure a way to distance that investigation from Fred's court-dictated jury duty restrictions.
  • Josephus with a few stalwarts took refuge in Tiberias, and sent a letter to Jerusalem asking that he should be relieved of his command or supplied with an adequate force to continue the war.
  • Two years later the Republicans, having split over a struggle for patronage into the two factions known as " Stalwarts " or administrative party and " Halfbreeds " of whom the leader was Roscoe Conkling, were defeated, Grover Cleveland being chosen governor.
  • The lay element, with the help of Charles and a few other stalwarts, carried the matter through - ordaining nine at Bala in June, and thirteen at Llandilo in August.
  • In common with the rest of the "Stalwarts," he worked hard for the nomination of Gen.