Sentence Examples

  • The Shuster opium is sent partly via Bushire to Muscat for transhipment to Zanzibar, and part is believed to be smuggled into India by way of Baluchistan and Mekran.
  • "Smuggled her via the subs across the river," Mike said.
  • They were ultimately smuggled out of the country by the British consul at Havre as Mr and Mrs Smith,' arriving at Newhaven "unprovided with anything but the clothes they wore."
  • Copies were smuggled into England but were suppressed by the bishops, and William Warham, archbishop of Canterbury, even bought up copies on the Continent to destroy them.
  • (2) The basin of the Upper Nile, extending to the great lakes, was another region infested by the slave trade; the slaves were either smuggled into Egypt or sent by the Red Sea to Turkey.