Sentence Examples

  • Owned at that time by Corellian smuggler, rogue and ultimate galactic hero Han Solo, she had previously belonged to fellow ne'er-do-well Lando Calrissian.
  • Other character roles, such as being a merchant, pirate, smuggler, or pilot are also available.
  • While Luke flies his fighter to Dagobah to find legendary Jedi Master Yoda, Han and Leia escape in the Millenium Falcon to Cloud City, where Lando (Billy Dee Williams), a smuggler friend of Han rules a community of smugglers.
  • In 1736 a smuggler named Wilson, who had won popularity by helping a companion to escape from the Tolbooth prison, was hanged; and, some slight disturbance occurring at the execution, the city guard fired on the mob, killing a few and wounding a considerable number of persons.
  • The social condition of the time recalls that of present-day Morocco, in the high price of necessaries and the extortions of the financial authorities; every man was either soldier, beggar or smuggler.