Pillaloo Definition

1904 Arthur Quiller-Couch, "Frenchman's Creek: A Reported Tale," Shakespeare's Christmas; And Other Stories.
“Pitch a lady’s luggage into the road, would you?” struck in Jim the Guard, making himself heard above the pillaloo.
2003 Robert Fitzroy Foster, W.B. Yeats: The arch-poet, 1915-1939, Oxford University Press, p354
However in the same breath he talks of writing a poem on the herons at Algericas “in a few years time”... What a pillaloo!
1839 Matthew Henry Barker, Hamilton King; or, The smuggler and the dwarf, by the Old Sailor, p196
“Och, but its kilt and smashed intirely they are,” returned Larry, as he stumbled over the shattered remains of a corpse; “och hone – och hone – pillaloo, pillaloo!”
1857 Henry Murray, Lands of the Slave and the Free.
The dialogue was brought to a sudden stop by the frantic yell of the juvenile pledge of their affections, whose years had not yet reached two figures; a compact little iron-bound box had fallen on his toe, and the poor little urchin’s pilliloo, pilliloo, was pitiful.
1888 Arthur Quiller-Couch, The Astonishing History of Troy Town, p107
An’ the wust was, that what wi’ the rumpus an’ her singin’ out “Pillaloo!” an’ how the devil was amongst mun, havin’ great wrath, the Lawyer’s sarmon about a “wecked an’ ’dulterous generation seekin’ arter a sign” was clean sp’iled.

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