Sentence Examples

  • Martha smiled shyly, smoothing her red skirt.
  • Edith looked up, rubbed a sleeve across her eyes to dry them, then brushed her hands down the white dress, smoothing the fabric against her legs.
  • Such advice could not be grateful to the philosophers themselves - then a definite professional class, not unlike the "spiritual directors" of a later Rome, who earned their bread by smoothing away the doubts of the scrupulous on all matters intellectual and moral.
  • The task of filling up gaps, smoothing away inconsistencies, rounding off the tale, was accomplished by Giles Tschudi, whose recension was adopted, with a few alterations, by Johannes von Muller in his History of the Confederation (1780).
  • Two others are smoothing the surface of a statue with scraping tools, formed like a strigil.