What Does SMTH Mean? The Abbreviation Explained

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Updated March 31, 2022
Woman Wearing Headscarf Using Smartphone SMTH Abbreviation Explained
    Woman With Headscarf Smartphone SMTH Abbreviation Explained
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Sometimes you are trying to type quickly, and longer words can slow you down. Thankfully, there are short abbreviations that can be easily understood and speed up the communication process. One example is SMTH, the short form of "Something." Explore ways to use SMTH in text conversations.

SMTH as an Abbreviation

SMTH (or smth) is shorthand for "something." Shorthand is a method of writing something quickly by shortening words to a few letters or using symbols. In this case, the abbreviation pulls a few important letters from the word "something." When read out loud, SMTH is still read as the full word. SMTH can be written in all capital or lowercase letters, but lowercase is usually more convenient if you are writing a long message.


History of SMTH

SMTH first became popular sometime in the 1990s or early 2000s in internet chatrooms and forums. It later became popular in SMS texting and continues to be used online.

Other Meanings of SMTH

While SMTH will almost always be read as "something," there are a couple of other words or phrases that it can stand for.

  • Send Me To Heaven (Android app)
  • Smooth

Additionally, STH is an alternative abbreviation for "something" that is sometimes used instead of SMTH.

Usage of SMTH

Using shorthand and other common abbreviations is convenient when you are taking notes quickly and want to get everything down. It is also helpful when you are texting because it saves time.

Examples of SMTH

When using SMTH in conversation, you usually want to keep it casual. Abbreviations are informal and meant to make conversation quicker and more fun.

  • Do you want smth to eat?

  • Smth is going on. Do you want to talk about it?

  • I’m going to the store. Do you want smth?

  • SMTH is going on downtown tonight. Wanna check it out?

  • Let’s do SMTH later.

  • Do you have SMTH for me?


Try out these other shorthand abbreviations that you can use to shorten words and make conversation quick and convenient.

  • NVM - Nevermind

  • SRSLY - Seriously

  • TXT - Text

  • WTV - Whatever

  • 4EVR - Forever