Sentence Examples

  • If it's a huge skein, I might only buy one, but I like long scarves and would rather have too much yarn than not enough.
  • If you still aren't sure as to whether your cheap yarn is of good or bad quality, you can also try and purchase only one skein, crochet or knit a swatch, then launder and mistreat it.
  • For big fluffy wooly yarns you'll probably only need one skein of yarn, but you might need more than one if the skeins are small.
  • Everybody has someone in their family who at one time took up knitting as a craft, even if was many years ago that you remember your mother or grandmother rolling a skein into a ball of yarn.
  • Hats: Take one huge skein of Super Saver Jumbo and you can knit or crochet hats for everyone on your gift list.