Sentence Examples

  • From Grimsby to Skegness traces of a submarine forest are visible; but while the sea is encroaching upon some parts of the coast it is receding from others, as shown by Holbeach, which is now 6 m.
  • On some parts of the coast there are fine stretches of sand, and Cleethorpes, Skegness, Mablethorpe and Sutton-on-Sea are favourite resorts for visitors.
  • SKEGNESS, a seaside resort in the S.
  • There are broad, firm sands, on which accou n t Skegness is much visited.
  • It is said that a former Skegness, an important haven, was obliterated by the encroachments of the sea; Leland, writing in the middle of the, 6th century, states that proofs of this were then extant.

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