Sentence Examples

  • Because this diet is so rigid, however, you'll have to steer clear of fast food and sit-down restaurants because you won't find anything that fits on this diet.
  • The ill child may need soft toys for bed play and sit-down toys such as magic markers, puzzles, books, or board games, for quiet out-of-bed play.
  • You will also need to decide if your home will accommodate a sit-down dinner or if food should be served buffet style and make decisions about how to arrange food serving and dining areas.
  • Even if you plan on having a sit-down, formal meal, it's nice to have some disposable cups, plastic silverware and paper plates on hand that can be used for cake or snacks.
  • A sit-down dinner makes sense if you have sufficient space at your table or if you have floor space and can borrow or afford to rent additional tables and chairs.