Since Definition

From then until now or between then and now.
They left town and haven't been here since.
American Heritage
From then until now.
She arrived Tuesday and has been here ever since.
Webster's New World
Before the present time; before now; ago.
They are long since gone.
Webster's New World
At some or any time between then and now; subsequently.
He was ill last week but has since recovered.
Webster's New World
Continuously from (the time given) until now.
Out walking since one o'clock.
Webster's New World
Intermittently from.
She's been skiing since childhood.
American Heritage
During the period between (the time given) and now; subsequently to.
Many achievements since his election.
Webster's New World
During the period from the specified time or event until the present.
I haven't seen him since we were in high school.
Webster's New World
Continuously from the time when.
I've been lonely since he left.
Webster's New World
Inasmuch as; because.
Since you are finished, let's go.
Webster's New World
Since you didn't call, we left without you.

Origin of Since

  • From Middle English syns, sinnes, contraction of earlier sithens, sithence, from sithen (“after", "since") (+ -s, adverbial genitive suffix), from Old English sīþþan, from the phrase sīþ þǣm (“after/since that (time)"), from sīþ (“since", "after") + þǣm dative singular of þæt. Cognate with Dutch sinds (“since"), German seit (“since"), Danish siden (“since").

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English sinnes contraction of sithenes sithen since (from Old English siththan) (sīth after) (than) (variant of thām) (dative of thæt that that) -es adv. suff. –s3

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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