Sentence Examples

  • Water also was found to be scarce, and was sure to become scarcer during the summer months.
  • But while some large families, such as the Staphylinidae (rove-beetles) are especially abundant on the great northern continents, becoming scarcer in the tropics, others, the Cicindelidae (tiger-beetles), for example, are most strongly represented in the warmer regions of the earth, and become scarce as the collector journeys far to south or north.
  • Much scarcer is the second species, the sand-lizard (Lacerta agilis), which is confined to some localities in the south of England, the New Forest and its vicinity; it does not appear to attain on English soil the same size as on the continent of Europe where it abounds, growing sometimes to a length of 9 in.
  • It is scarcer at Defenneh (29) and rare at Memphis (44).
  • Yearly becoming scarcer and most costly.

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