Sentence Examples

  • The next danger was from the people, who were infuriated by the dearth of corn.
  • Between 1831 and 1842 there were six seasons of dearth, approaching in some places to famine.
  • According to the words just quoted from the Apocalypse, there was to be a dearth of grain and a superfluity of wine; the price of the wheat was to be seven times the ordinary, according to Reinach's computation, and that of the barley four times.
  • Owing to the extension of railways, in the famines of 1898 and 1901 there was never any dearth of food in any famine-stricken tract; and the only difficulty was to find enough rolling-stock to cope with the demand.
  • Henry prudently waited until dearth of provisions forced the enemy to divide into two the bands.