Sentence Examples

  • Kids pull them out of Happy Meals and pop them out of plastic eggs over and over, just to be proudly displayed on the forearm for a few hours and lost in some rainy gutter or sandbox before the sun sets the following day.
  • Taking it even further, if you manage to achieve "True Jedi Status" on every level, then you unlock the Sandbox.
  • The gameplay is very akin to the critically acclaimed, commercially ignored "War of the Monsters", in that the player is dropped into a virtual sandbox of sorts and given the freedom to smash any and everything one can.
  • Sandbox Software is another local technology business that offers web design and SEO services, but this particular company also offers custom software programming as well.
  • A children's sandbox is the perfect place to build a sandcastle or other sandy creations, such as crabs, lobsters, shells and sea turtles.