Sentence Examples

  • Sure, a manufacturer of faucets may have a really dedicated fanbase that is both IT literary AND passionate enough to populate a wiki about 1/2 inch pipes, but many "community" efforts fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes.
  • Open Site - Another blend of wiki and reviewed content, Open Site is slanted toward more of a popular content direction, with information about games and current events taking primacy over science and philosophy.
  • While it does have a very large medical dictionary area, it also includes other large sections like a legal dictionary, a Wiki encyclopedia and a directory of idioms and acronyms.
  • Operating on the idea that everybody knows something someone else doesn't, our wiki system allows you to easily add your own watch reviews, recommendations, links and much more.
  • Genealogy Today is a privately created website that has a search engine, articles with research tips, and a wiki that you can use to contribute your own information.