Sentence Examples

  • An encouraging example is afforded by the remarkable fact that malaria, which was once rife in certain districts of England, has now died out, although the Anopheles maculipennis mosquito still exists there.
  • They were still rife in Antioch in 260.
  • As the queen's reign drew to its close, rumours were rife on the great subject of the succession to the throne.
  • The commercial and financial evils rife under the last kings of the Aviz dynasty were now repeated.
  • The conquest of Serbia, however, once more closed the ranks of the Yugosla y s, who saw in unity their sole hope for the future: and the desertions to the Entente which were so marked a feature of the first winter, became so rife as to render necessary a drastic revision of the Austro-Hungarian regimental system.