Sentence Examples

  • Originally released in 1972 on the album Machine Head, the four chord distorted guitar riff follows a basic blues scale and is eventually doubled by a heavily distorted Hammond organ playing the same line as the guitar.
  • It remains one of the most successful metal songs ever in terms of sales and crossover success, and it's instantly recognizable riff seems to make even non-metal fans want to get up and rock out.
  • Guitare Tab - A simple, clean and well-designed guitar tab site, Guitare Tab has a complete version of Smoke on the Water that included the verses, chorus, opening riff and even the guitar solo.
  • Whether a riff off of the classic "There once was a girl from Nantucket" or perhaps a rhyme for your sweetheart's name, the limerick has been a treasured form of lewd expression for decades.
  • It thus forms the entrepot for the commerce of the Riff district and its hinterland.