Sentence Examples

  • If you've built up quite a bit of equity in your home, and you're either planning on remaining in the home for another five to seven years, or you can recoup most of the improvement costs at time of sale, a home equity loan can make sense.
  • Advertising - The most common way that free domain hosting sites recoup their expenses is through putting banner ads or text links on every page of your site, through the sidebar, or even through signatures on emails from your domain.
  • If you plan to stay in the house for longer than it will take you to recoup the closing costs, then it is worth it to refinance because, once the closing costs are paid from your savings, you will continue to save money every month.
  • The fact that banks had to pay out double digit rates of interest on deposits but were not able to recoup anything near that amount on loan products was cited as the reason for a number of them going out of business in the 1980s.
  • Although transpiration is a necessary accompaniment of nutrition, it may easily become excessive, especially where the plant cannot readily recoup itself.