Sentence Examples

  • These FHA loans -referred to as Title I loans- provide a guarantee to the lender that if the borrower defaults on the loan, FHA will reimburse the remaining balance to the lender.
  • People often only think of travel insurance as something needed for luxury travelers, to reimburse for plane tickets or hotel rooms if a trip is interrupted or cancelled.
  • During the first 90 days from the date of purchase, Visa will replace, repair or reimburse you if the property you purchase with a registered card is stolen or is damaged by fire, vandalism or some weather conditions.
  • Deposit insurance was designed not just to reimburse bank customers in the event of a bank failure, but also to reassure bank customers that it was safe to leave their money in a bank, forestalling further bank runs.
  • They are intended to provide travel funds for students who are conducting independent research projects and paying their own way or for students who have won other awards that do not reimburse travel costs.