Indemnify Definition

indemnified, indemnifies, indemnifying
indemnified, indemnifies, indemnifying
To protect against or keep free from loss, damage, etc.; insure.
Webster's New World
To repay for what has been lost or damaged; compensate for a loss, etc.; reimburse.
Webster's New World
To redeem or make good (a loss)
Webster's New World
To promise to make good another’s financial loss or liability resulting from a particular event or contingency.
Webster's New World Law
The definition of indemnify is to protect against loss, injury or damage or to pay someone for a loss they suffered.
An example of indemnify is when your insurance provider pays you for the repair of damage to your car.
To agree to compensate for any damage or loss. Insurance contracts may state that the policyholder will be indemnified, or restored to his or her original financial position, should a loss occur. Indemnification agreements also may be signed by one party to protect the other party against claims from the other.
Webster's New World Finance

Origin of Indemnify

  • Latin indemnis uninjured (in- not in–1) (damnum harm, damage entailing liability) –fy

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Latin indemnis (“ unhurt”), from in- (“not”) + damnum (“hurt, damage”). Compare damn, damnify.

    From Wiktionary

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