Sentence Examples

  • And yet, like an unruly child, she had rebelled, causing him endless worry and stress.
  • After the sultans return they soon rebelled, but were again brought into subjection by Sheiks son Ibrahim; his victories excited the envy of his father, who is said to have poisoned him.
  • How far southward this dominion at first extended is not known; but in 703 Nepal and the country of the Brahmans rebelled, and the Tibetan king, the third successor of Srong tsan gam-po, was killed while attempting to restore his power.
  • His first care was to re-establish Venetian authority over the Dalmatians who had rebelled with the king of Hungary's protection, but he failed to capture Zara, owing to the arrival of the Pisan fleet, and although the latter was defeated by the Venetians, the undertaking was suspended.
  • Much of Barsbais attention was occupied with raids into Asia Minor, where the Dhu l-Kadiri Turkomans frequently rebelled, and with wars agair~st Kara Yelek, prince of Amid, and Shah Rokh, son of Timur.