Sentence Examples

  • The first of these awarded damages to the company which had sustained a secondary boycott.
  • The new party, the Deutschfreisinnige, ~ t,, had no success; at the election of 1884 they secured ~i~.eS - only sixty-seven seats, a loss of thirty-nine; they were subjected to all inconveniences which belonged to opposition; socially, they were boycotted by all who were connected with the court or government; they were cut off from all hope of public activity, and were subjected to constant accusations for Bismarck Beleidigung.
  • Medicine was refused by a shopkeeper even for the sick child of a boycotted person.
  • For refusing to receive rents at figures fixed by the tenants, Captain Boycott (1832-1897), Lord Erne's agent in Mayo, was severely " boycotted," the name of the first victim being given to the new system.
  • The number of agrarian outrages reported in the first six months of the year was 373; in the last six months they rose to 543, and the number of persons boycotted was almost trebled.