Sentence Examples

  • The provincial surtaxes may not exceed 5o% of the quotas levied by the state.
  • No proper statistical basis for estimating the quotas existed, and the device gave each state a plausible reason for attempting secession on occasion.
  • But it was also provided that, for the purpose of deficits, the states should, in addition, if required by the imperial minister of finance, contribute their quotas according to populationMatri/eular Beitrage.
  • In January 1361 building work at Windsor was vigorously resumed, and again the sheriffs were ordered to contribute their quotas of 40 freestone masons and 40 cementarii to Wykeham's charge.
  • The administrative staff includes, for the purpose of computing the individual quotas of the direct taxes, a director assisted by contrleurs in each department and subordinate to a central authority in Paris, the direction gnrale des contributions directes.