Sentence Examples

  • also offers the invaluable " iTunes U," an impressive online library of over 200,000 podcasts and other audio/video materials that are free to download and listen to.
  • Many sites do have lists of bestsellers, and "if you like ______, you may enjoy _______" suggestions, so these can be a start if you're undecided.
  • 384, there was in the 4th century a great variety of text in the Latin version, " Tot enim exemplaria pene quot codices."
  • They possess the principle of individuation in themselves, he teaches, but plurality of individuals is in such a case equivalent to plurality of species (in eis tot sunt species quot sunt individua).
  • Working on these lines, and attaching special importance to common descent, naturalists applied the term with more and more precision, until Linnaeus, in his Philosophia botanica, gave the aphorism, "species tot sunt diversae, quot diversae formae ab initio sunt creatae" - "just so many species are to be reckoned as there were forms created at the beginning."