Sentence Examples

  • Are there enough in attendance to constitute a quorum?
  • But enough members remained to give the legal quorum, and it was carried by 120 to 2 votes.
  • The Senate would choose its own president, and the House of Representatives its speaker; each house would make its own rules of procedure; in each, one-third of the number of members would form a quorum; the members of each must take oath, or make affirmation of allegiance; and all alike would receive an allowance of £400 a year.
  • Cannon, were adopted on the 14th of February 1890; they provided that every member must vote, unless pecuniarily interested in a measure, that members present and not voting may be counted for a quorum, and that no dilatory motion be entertained by the speaker.
  • When a quorum, with some difficulty, was obtained, another period of retrograde legislation set in.