Sentence Examples

  • II.), by means of which Assyrian chronology is fixed from 911 B.C. to 666 B.C., the solar eclipse of June 15th, 763 B.C., which is recorded in the eponymy of Pur-Sagale, placing the dead reckoning for these later periods upon an absolutely certain basis.
  • It was formerly believed that these violent outbursts were to be attributed to madness pure and simple, and some cases of amok can certainly be traced to this source.
  • The objects, with the exception of those represented in the first three fi ures Stamped Brick-Inscription Of Pur-Sin, King Of Ur.
  • Thus the name of a king of Ur, generally read Ur-Bau until quite recently, is now read Ur-Engur; for Lugal-zaggisi, a king of Erech, some scholars still prefer to read Ungal-zaggisi; the name of a famous political and religious centre generally read Shir-pur-la is more probably to be read Shir-gul-la; and so forth.
  • Chenier's influence has been specially remarkable in Russia, where Pushkin imitated him, Kogloff translated La Jeune Captive, La jeune Tarentine and other famous pieces, while the critic Vesselovsky pronounces "Il a retabli le lyrisme pur dans la poesie frangaise."