Sentence Examples

  • The Protesters, who were in favour with the common people, are chargeable with having brought into Scottish church life the observance of fastdays, and of the long and excited Communion services which were kept up for two and a half centuries and may still be witnessed in the Highlands.
  • Even the representatives of the Resolutioners urged Charles not to use the Anglican service, though they confided to Sharp, their agent in London, their opinion that, if the Re- monstrants (or Protesters) had any hand in affairs, " it cannot but breed continual distemper and disorders."
  • The Resolutioners, or supporters of the resolution to rescind that act, were opposed by the Protesters, the rigid adherents to the strictest interpretation of the Covenant.
  • Three days after the protest had been read, many of the protesting cities and states concluded "a secret and particular treaty," and Philip of Hesse, the ablest statesman among the Protesters, saw the need for a general union of all evangelical Christians in the empire.