Sentence Examples

  • There a reason you don't want me to run these prints through the system?
  • I did run the prints and there was no hit.
  • He prints a bar under the decimals; this notation first appears without any explanation in his "Lucubrationes" appended to the Constructio.
  • The chief authorities for the text of Dunbar's poems are :- (a) the Asloan MS. (c. 1515); (b) the Chepman and Myllar Prints (1508) preserved in the Advocates' library, Edinburgh; (c) Bannatyne MS. (156$) in the same; (d) the Maitland Folio MS. (c. 1570-1590) in the Pepysian library, Magdalene College, Cambridge.
  • The prints were clean, huh?