Grade 1 Capitalization Worksheets

Updated October 15, 2020
girls practicing capitalization worksheets
    girls practicing capitalization worksheets
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First graders are learning the basics of capitalization in class. These skills include capitalizing names of people and places, the first word of a sentence, the pronoun "I", the days and months of the year, and titles of movies, books, and television shows. Help first graders practice these rules with helpful capitalization worksheets.

Beginning Capital Letters Worksheet for Grade 1

For students who are just starting to learn capitalization rules, it’s best to start with the basics. Teach first graders that each sentence should begin with a capital letter by using a beginning capitalization worksheet. It also reinforces that proper nouns require capital letters. Once students know these fundamental skills, they can work on more advanced writing conventions.

To download and print the worksheet, click on the PDF below the answers. The worksheet includes an additional exercise and answer key. First graders can enter their responses right on the worksheet as classwork or as homework.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose the words that need a capital letter.

  1. george visited the grand canyon.
  2. she rode on a boat on the ohio river.
  3. do you like disneyland?
  4. he is from florida.
  5. molly loves the washington zoo.


There were 13 errors in all. Did you get them all right?

  1. George visited the Grand Canyon.
  2. She rode on a boat on the Ohio River.
  3. Do you like Disneyland?
  4. He is from Florida.
  5. Molly loves the Washington Zoo.
beginning capital letters worksheet

Beginning capital letters worksheet

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Intermediate Capital Letters Worksheet for Grade 1

The next capitalization worksheet for grade 1 covers the rules of capitalization for the pronoun "I” along with the days and months of the year. It also reviews the rules for the names of people and places, as well as for the beginning of a sentence. This worksheet level is designed for students who are ready to move on from beginning capitalization skills.

Download the printable PDF under the answers for more practice. It includes another capitalization exercise and answer key for both activities.

INSTRUCTIONS: Identify the words with the incorrect capitalization.

  1. i’m going to holland in december.
  2. paul and i have a playdate on monday.
  3. is the library open on saturday?
  4. mr. tucker’s birthday is in may.
  5. i went to lake tahoe last winter.


Did you find all 14 errors? Check your answers here.

  1. I'm going to Holland in December.
  2. Paul and I have a playdate next Monday.
  3. Is the library open on Saturday?
  4. Mr. Tucker's birthday is in May.
  5. I went to Lake Tahoe last winter.
intermediate capital letters worksheet

Intermediate capital letters worksheet

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Advanced Capital Letters Worksheet for Grade 1

If first graders need a challenge, try out a more advanced capitalization worksheet. It covers titles of books, movies and television shows, as well as the previous beginning and intermediate capitalization skills. First graders can practice capitalizing the correct words in a title and not capitalizing smaller words.

Would you like more practice or additional exercises? Print out the downloadable PDF version of the worksheet under the answers for more exercises and an answer key.

INSTRUCTIONS: Identify the words that do not have the correct capitalization.

  1. Last week, i watched frozen.
  2. Do you like Where the Wild Things Are?
  3. Every friday, we get pizza.
  4. my favorite month is july.
  5. Susan loves to swim on saturday.
  6. She and I went to see Avatar.
  7. School starts in August.
  8. henry hates watching sesame Street.
  9. I will order chinese food.
  10. what weather do we see in fall?


Which sentences needed changes? See how many you got right.

  1. Last week, I watched Frozen.
  2. no changes
  3. Every Friday, we get pizza.
  4. My favorite month is July.
  5. Susan loves to swim on Saturday.
  6. no changes
  7. no changes
  8. Henry hates watching Sesame Street.
  9. I will order Chinese food.
  10. What weather do we see in fall?

advanced capital letters worksheets

Advanced capital letters worksheets

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Capitalization for Older Students

Once first graders know the basics, they can try out their skills with more difficult exercises. These additional worksheets are great opportunities to further challenge advanced first graders or to review capitalization skills for older students. Like the worksheets above, they can be downloaded and printed with complete answer keys.

First Grade Language Arts Practice

Capitalization is an important writing convention for first graders to master. Knowing basic capitalization rules helps young students develop fundamental reading and writing skills that they will build on throughout their elementary education. For more first grade practice, try out these fun (and effective) ways to teach spelling in first grade.