Sentence Examples

  • It provides you with the opportunity to see the differences in font family members (such as copperplate gothic, bold, and light).
  • Also, the slant is more difficult, with the exception of the styles done with a pointed pen called "Copperplate".
  • As thus defined, it includes three entirely different processes: copperplate printing, lithographic or chemical stone-printing, and letterpress printing.
  • In copperplate printing the whole of the plate is first inked, the flat surface is then cleaned, leaving ink in the incisions or trenches cut by the engraver, so that, when dampened paper is laid over the plate and pressure is brought to bear, the paper sinks into the incisions and takes up the ink, which makes an impression in line or lines on the paper.
  • In 1700 Brancovan had a map of the country made and a copperplate engraving of it executed at Padua.