Sentence Examples

  • The quarrels of the church and empire lend pretexts and furnish war-cries; but the real question at issue is not the supremacy of pope or emperor.
  • Spain, France, Germany, with their Swiss auxiliaries, had been summoned upon various pretexts to partake her provinces.
  • Moreover, a neo-acquisita commissio was constituted to inquire into the title-deeds of the Magyar landowners in the old Turkish provinces, and hundreds of estates were transferred, on the flimsiest of pretexts, to naturalized foreigners.
  • The king and Later his brother had long entertained designs against the city, history of and for the purpose of crushing them two pretexts were the cor- set up-(I) that a new rate of market tolls had been levied poration.
  • Pretexts for a Dacian war were not difficult to find.