Sentence Examples

  • Present-day cinema culture is very much one of popcorn and Coca Cola at the cinema complexes in malls.
  • For example, a retro 1950s or 1960s scene might include an aluminum Christmas tree with an electric Christmas train running around it, while a Victorian era Christmas might include wooden decorations and strands of popcorn.
  • Black and Decker is a big supplier of all types of kitchen small appliances, including a few popcorn makers.Some of the most popular Black and Decker popcorn maker models are the P2 Popcorn Popper and the Hot n' Pop Popcorn Maker.
  • Whether you are looking for high quality cookware, flatware, specialty products such as popcorn poppers and bread makers, or high end state of the art culinary equipment, Cuisinart has a product line to meet your diverse needs.
  • Finding snack foods that are convenient and healthy can be difficult, but popcorn is known for being a very healthy snack when it is prepared in the correct way - without many of the ingredients that are found in microwave popcorn.