Sentence Examples

  • With a battery backup, individuals who enjoy outdoor activities such as campers, boaters and motor home enthusiasts can continue their sleep apnea treatments using a battery in lieu of plugging the machine into standard AC current.
  • If you have a PC with a DV-I port (it's an off-white port with a lot of tiny holes) and the HDTV includes one, then plugging your PC into the TV will give you the option to do some computing from your couch!
  • Plugging your Xbox in directly with an Ethernet cable gives you a more consistent speed, but your constrained by that same Ethernet cable if you need to place your Xbox in another room.
  • Plugging Sonic 2 also had the same effect, complete with additional hidden areas that only Knuckles could reach; these usual contained ring bonuses or special items such as shields.
  • By plugging into web cams remotely, these armchair investigators are able to log any paranormal activity that takes place and potentially capture a real ghost on camera.