Sentence Examples

  • While the prime principle in man is the social, "the next in order is not to yield to the persuasions of the body, when they are not conformable to the rational principle which must govern."
  • Hitherto since 1842 in all primary schools instruction by the clergy in the Catholic faith was obligatory,children belonging School g g law of to other persuasions being dispensed from attendance.
  • This move on the 14th brought him into touch with Bernadotte, and now a single march forward of all three armies would have absolutely isolated Napoleon from France; but Bernadotte's nerve failed him, for on hearing of Napoleon's threat against Wittenberg he decided to retreat northward, and not all the persuasions of Blucher and Gneisenau could move him.
  • At once sued for peace; and, yielding to the persuasions of the English and French ministers, Charles finally agreed to be content with mutilating instead of annihilating the Danish monarchy (treaties of Taastrup, February 18th, and of Roskilde, February 26th, 1658).
  • His son Louis had embraced the Roman Catholic faith through the persuasions of a female domestic who had lived thirty years in the family.