Sentence Examples

  • Unless parents have had children before, this can be a daunting, if not slightly amusing, challenge ensuring that everything goes according to plan and without the baby opting to pee or poo at an in-opportune moment when the diaper is off.
  • Pee Posts are potty training aids that are charged with pheromones to encourage your pet to do its business in a specific area of your yard, leaving the rest of the territory safe for foot traffic.
  • Pee Wee initially gave up his criminal activities and concentrated on his acting, but during the reunion episode of the show, viewers found out that Pee Wee had recently been shot.
  • This type of children's potty training aid is essentially a small child-sized potty, where the toddler will pee and poop into a bowl that is then emptied into the real toilet.
  • "I have to pee, now," Kiera answered.