Sentence Examples

  • Pregnancy hormones actually trigger all that extra need to urinate, and this is one of the classic early signs that tends to get overlooked until the pregnancy becomes more obvious.
  • Understand what the term "potty trained" means, which is that your child recognizes she needs to use the potty, she can pull down her panties and sit on the potty, and she can urinate and have a bowel movement in the potty regularly.
  • Proponents of this potty training method suggest that this technique helps children learn to recognize the urge to urinate or have a bowel movement and that when they feel this urge they have a choice to make.
  • The new position may increase the urge to urinate as the baby presses against the bladder.The problem with lightening as a sign that labor is starting is that the symptom varies from one woman to the next.
  • The general consensus from experts is that much encouragement and praise should be used when a child cooperates with toilet training and when he or she begins to urinate or defecate in the potty.