Sentence Examples

  • You've never had to pay house payments or utilities.
  • The decisions on the point are numerous and difficult to reconcile, but the main test is whether, on the true construction of the particular covenant, the lessee has undertaken to indemnify the landlord against payments of all kinds.
  • The conquerors were feudatories of the reigning prince or sultan, and their payments consisted principally in providing fighting forces to make up the armies of the prince.
  • Albrecht had been elected at the age of twenty-four to a see already impoverished by frequent successions and payments of annates to Rome.
  • Owing to the hostility of the French market, the loan was covered with difficulty, and, though the gold premium fell and commercial exchanges were temporarily facilitated by the resumption of cash payments, it is doubtful whether these advantages made up for the burden of 640,000 additional annual interest thrown upon the exchequer.