Sentence Examples

  • Not to be outdone by their print siblings, network television and radio also have a home in Llanview including WVLTV station, which aired Fraternity Row, One Life to Live's soap opera within a soap opera and WVLE radio.
  • It's not surprising in terms of the person being deserving of such awards, but that the feat hasn't been repeated again or outdone by the number of outstanding actors to have worked in movies in more modern times.
  • The team from EA Sports has once again outdone themselves, producing not only one of the best-looking games in the series, but also one of the most robust and realistic depictions of the real game.
  • Tulle harness vest: Not to be outdone, Heads-N-Paws offers a nice selection of dresses for the ladies, including this harness vest, complete with details like buttons and bows, and a tulle skirt.
  • Denton could be a royal snob at times, but this time he had outdone himself.