Sentence Examples

  • It not only colonized the neighbouring islands, and founded the city of Aegina, by which it was ultimately outstripped in wealth and power, but also took part with the people of Argos and Troezen in their settlements in the south of Asia Minor.
  • But the real menace to the Latin kingdom lay in northern Syria; and here a power was eventually destined to rise, which outstripped the kings of Jerusalem in the race for Cairo, and then - with the northern and southern boundaries of Jerusalem in its control - was able to crush the kingdom as it were between the two arms of a vice.
  • It became a place of some importance in Roman days, especially as a port, and entirely outstripped its mother city.
  • St Anthony became a city in 1860, and Minneapolis, which then had only 2 564 inhabitants, soon outstripped its neighbour after the Civil War, and received a city charter in 1867.
  • In the case of Lamennais the disciple outstripped the master.